How businesses & individuals exchange
certified health information

Lumedic & Providence are building a new normal, with a secure way to carry and confirm selected health data on your smartphone

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What is Lumedic.ID?

Lumedic.ID empowers businesses and individuals to exchange health information quickly, easily, and privately. Lumedic.ID facilitates a network of trusted health data sources. These sources enable personal ownership of health information. Businesses can request health checks from this information without the need to access or store health data.

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Established in Healthcare, with Providence

As the science of Covid-19 immunity progresses, we’ve accelerated a project to help. Lumedic.ID is a way to carry selected health information on devices. We’re working quickly with Providence to meet today’s massive challenge. Lumedic.ID clears a path to rejoin society and the workforce safely and securely.

Lumedic.ID for Businesses

Enables Compliance, Protects Privacy, Ensures Trust

Quickly and easily confirm the certified health information of your employees or guests

Confirm health statuses without the need to access or retain sensitive health data

Rest easy knowing Health Checks are based on data from verified sources on the Lumedic network

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Lumedic.ID for Individuals

Promotes Privacy, Empowers Ownership, Ensures Trust

Easily confirm your protected data with businesses and organizations from your smartphone

Control precisely when, and from whom, you want to confirm a request

Gain access to restricted areas, events, and activities

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