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Lumedic.ID empowers people and business to quickly, easily, and privately share health information, creating a new way to think about how we use personal health data in healthcare and beyond.

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The portable, secure health information solution.

Today, individual healthcare data is stored electronically in separate, closed systems. What’s long been missing is a way for the person who owns that data — the patient — to carry their information portably and share parts of it easily, while keeping it safe and secure.

Lumedic.ID allows people to share specific, verified health information — but only when they want to. Lumedic.ID is more than just an app. It is:

A network of health data: We’ve built this network from trusted sources across the country including health systems, insurance companies, and labs.

A simple health check request: Lumedic.ID provides a way for healthcare facilities and businesses to request health information from people without the risks associated with collecting and storing PHI.

A quick and accurate answer: People can respond to health check requests immediately using the device they carry everywhere: their smartphone.

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Trusted by healthcare

When organizations need patient, customer, or employee health information, they can use Lumedic.ID to make specific information requests guided by healthcare experts.

These requests tie directly to operational decisions without the need to manage an individual's health information.

The whole time, the underlying data is verifiable, giving organizations the assurance they need to make critical business and healthcare decisions.

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Extensible for business

Businesses can request health checks from individuals as easily as they exchange text messages, while avoiding the need to manage highly regulated protected health information (PHI).

As businesses work to establish a new normal in the wake of COVID-19, Lumedic.ID makes it possible for your employees and customers to share health information that is sensitive yet necessary as you look to establish safety protocols needed for a safe reopening.

Lumedic.ID is more than a return to work solution for businesses - it's a new relationship with your employees and customers, one that's built on trust.

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Controlled by you

At Lumedic we've built a platform that allows you — and others around you — to share health information quickly and privately when going to a business or healthcare facility.

Lumedic.ID gives you control of your health information, letting you decide what you share, when, and with whom.

With Lumedic.ID, you have a safe and easy way to manage your health information, and it’s all in one place – on your personal device.

App available early 2021
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Return to Work Solution

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COVID-19 has created new, unique challenges for everyone. Lumedic.ID allows you — and others around you — to share self-assessments, lab tests, and vaccination records (if they become available) quickly and privately so you can safely get back to work, into public life, and into the healthcare system.

For organizations, Lumedic.ID gives you a simple way to align to frequently changing protocols relating to COVID-19 without creating complicated new systems.

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Rooted in healthcare

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As one of the largest health systems in the United States, Providence is a national, not-for-profit health system driven by a belief that health is a human right. As a Providence company, Lumedic.ID benefits from a long history of clinical health expertise. You can be confident that Lumedic.ID is managed securely and compliant with HIPAA and PHI regulations.

The future is safer with a solution born in healthcare: Lumedic.ID

People, healthcare facilities, businesses, and communities: we’re all connected. With Lumedic.ID, everyone can feel more confident in connecting safely, using the platform leading hospitals and healthcare providers already depend on.

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